Making music

Jenica studied jazz at Vancouver Island University. Jenica performs across Canada and in the United States, and regularly engages audiences in Kingston — where she lives — Gananoque, Picton and throughout Prince Edward County. Jenica collaborates with accomplished musicians who complement her poetic and resonant musical style. Jenica’s live performances flow from the reflective to the upbeat, from the introspective to the playful.solo_making_music

Jenica’s music has depth, a wide emotional range and dynamic writing style. Her talent as a singer-songwriter, performer and instrumentalist reaches across a number of genres. Her lyrics are at once honest and direct, powerful and tender. Jenica tells our stories with her music.

In Kingston, Jenica collaborates with local musicians and performs in the Jenica Rayne Duo with Lynne Hanson, the Jenica Rayne Ensemble, and the Calamity Janes Band.

Finding inspiration

Jenica’s heart and soul are nourished by spending time with family, friends and other awesome people. The balance of stillness and play inspires her songwriting, artistry and the deep connections she develops with the wonderful people she meets. Taking care of her body, mind and soul allows her to keep exploring life and to reflect it back to people through her music.

Rayne has earned much love and support over the years. Jenica is grateful for the
opportunity to share her song-craft and love for performing with her fans.

Teaching music

As well as being a passionate musician, Jenica is a passionate music educator. From beginners to accomplished guitarists, Jenica mentors and connects with students, children and seasoned adults alike. She teaches guitar, ukulele, music theory, voice and performance at Ardens Music, Winston Churchill Public School and in private lessons. Jenica’s teaching method inspires students to learn and to become the musicians they dream of being.

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Praise for Jenica

“Jenica’s deep, rich music speaks from the heart. Her burnished gold voice ─ full of experience, wisdom and mercy.”
Rhiannon, California SoVoSo

“Great musical and lyrical talent … beautifully crafted songs. Rayne is a poet of consequence.”
Dr. Karlene Faith, Educator, Simon Fraser University

“Jenica is a diverse and gifted songwriter … intimate, raw, insightful, evocative and haunting.”
Kendall, Music Producer