I never thought that teaching would become a passion of mine – I came by it about 14 years ago and I love it. I’m thankful to work with both children and adults alike.


If you want to be a writer — write. Write daily. Observe everything. Be descriptive — use all your senses in your descriptions. For songwriting, learn to condense your words. It’s a discipline. You will get better and better at it the more you do it. Write on!

Playing an Instrument

If you want to be a good musician, practice your instrument daily. Take lessons, learn from friends — never be afraid to explore and seek the knowledge. If you play guitar, check out some of my lessons on YouTube.

Music Matters

Statistics have proven that children who take music lessons learn valuable qualities such as concentration, coordination and confidence. Skills learned through music study transfer directly to academic, communication, and cognitive skills, while also enhancing creativity. Children learn at an early age to regularly accept advice and feedback from people more knowledgeable than themselves. They experience the value of implementing that advice, and come back each week ready for more. Why is the process so valuable? It produces smart adults who are more willing to consider the views of those around them. Music education is invaluable, fun and rewarding.

Music Lessons with Jenica

Private Lessons

If you would like one-on-one lessons with Jenica, connect with her through Ardens Music in Kingston.

Group Lessons and Workshops

What do you, your choir, your group of passionate music-makers want to learn next?

Do you want to explore your musical voice? Improve your guitar band — and learn to perform? Do you want to delve into music theory to improve and accelerate your music making? Ukulele to add to your string instruments?

Jenica can help you learn what you want to know. And then some.

Keep it up!


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